The Helen Purcell Story

Founded 1885

The original Helen Purcell Home was founded following the death of Miss Purcell, who provided in her will for the establishment of a non-denominational retirement home for women who were alone in the world.

Chartered in 1885, The Helen Purcell Home began operation in a building that had previously housed the Putnam Seminary. In the late 1930’s, The Helen Purcell Home was relocated to its present location on the O.N. Townsend homestead, on Norwood Boulevard.

Many are the stories about the people and events involving Helen Purcell. Here is one addition to that history we just want to mention: Helen Purcell now cares for gentlemen as well as ladies.


The Helen Purcell Story

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Part 2

Administrative Staff

Donor Wall of Honor

Helen Purcell Wall Of Donors t

The Donor Wall of Honor reminds us that Miss Helen Purcell’s kindness and selfless charity founded this retirement community in 1885. The plaque on the wall reads, “The legacy of Miss Helen Purcell continues through the kind and generous gifts of those recognized here and those who remain anonymous.”

The opportunity to be recognized as a donor to Helen Purcell on the Donor Wall of Honor still remains. Donations of $1,000.00 or more are placed on the Wall of Honor.

Helen Purcell is a non-profit organization (501-C3) and donations are tax deductible.


Board Of Directors

Local Trusted Advisors

Jennifer Agin
Barbara Gibbs
William “Bill” Hill
Diana McCloy

Scott Peterson
Vonda Price
Steve Randles

Judy Rebic
Emily Tarbert
Molly Tharp

Kind Words

From our visitors, residents and family members


"Such a wonderful home, reminds me of a mansion with the gardens and all. We have talked to many residents at many different times and they all are so happy and speak so highly of the staff there. A wonderful place to visit...or live. Anyone that is looking for a home for a loved one should not pass up a tour of the Helen Purcell Home."

Rick H.


"Great environment for residents/clients. Well maintained facility and very friendly staff who take care of everyone's needs. Let's hope this tradition and ethic continue. Here's to over 100 years of success and for may more."

Andy C.


"The best. I love it. It is so pretty and beautiful. It is amazing how animals walk right up to you.!!"

Shaelynn Wines


"I didn’t think that I would like a home other than my own, but the minute I walked into Helen Purcell it felt like home. I know the staff and nurses on a first name basis and everybody is so polite and pleasant."

Wilma Henderson