The Memory Care Community

Helen Purcell Memory Care Community
Living with or taking care of a loved one with a memory impairment can be challenging and even more so, is the decision to place that person in assisted living. But at Helen Purcell, we are here to help.

Helen Purcell offers modern and thoughtful approaches in caring for our residents. We offer activities that are mentally stimulating and fun. Through our activities done with our amazing life enrichment team, they also create loving experiences with them and personal relationships with the other residents. Comfort is found – together.

The Memory Care Center is located in our Shinnick Center and will provide you with a high level of personal care and attention. A licensed nurse is on duty around the clock providing our residents the care they need and deserve.

Our Life Enrichment team plays a large role in the care of our residents as well. Our attentive and caring team members oversee their activities and add the empathy and attentiveness that our residents need. Just some of the activities include:

  • Parachute fun
  • Daily exercise group
  • Bingo
  • Coloring
  • Balloon ball
  • Mouse and Cheese

These programs are structured, yet flexible and also include access to a Life Center, discussion groups, music and pet therapy and recreational pursuits.

Finally, the Wander Guard system is available when a secure environment is needed.